Great Rann of Kutch, is the essential salt desert in the entire world, and what makes the place exciting is the desert area which measures about 10000 This area is completely submerged in water during the monsoon. As the monsoon ends, the place starts drying up. From October and then until March, it is an entire desert ready for exploration and also a position where a multitude of festivals are held. The most prominent celebration of the year happens at the end of the winter solstice, known as the Uttarayan or the Kite festival.

Uttarayan festival

The entire state of Gujarat decks up for the Uttarayan festival, which also happens to be the first festival every year. Uttarayan marks the end of winter, giving way to summer and it is celebrated on the day when the day and the night are equal in duration, on the day of winter solstice. From November there are shops across Gujarat selling kites in different colors, sizes, and shapes. And you will find people practicing their kite flying skills every day.

Rann of Kutch

As the winter solstice approaches, the kite festival converges to a competition, big and small, on every terrace. You would be interested to know that the international kite flying competition also takes place at the same time in Gujarat.

Uttarayan at Rann of Kutch

Rann Utsav is among the most famous tourist attractions in Gujarat, and it starts in November and runs until February. A vast tent city comprising of multiple luxury tents are set up near Dhordo Gateway to Rann, where visitors can stay and enjoy the festivities. There will be rows of food and handicraft stalls to do shopping.

Rann of Kutch

When is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit the salt desert between October and March. This season is considered as the peak season for visitors. While the desert prevails even in April and May, the onslaught of heat will be quite high during this period. After March, you may not find much visitors or festivities to spend time in Kutch. The best day will be the day on the full moon where you can take a camel safari in the night.

Rann of Kutch

How to reach Rann?

Any resort you reach out will help for the trip from Bhuj to Rann. You can reach Bhuj in multiple ways including,

  1. Through train, from Mumbai, it takes about 15 hours to reach Bhuj.
  2. On air, and land comfortably in the Bhuj airport which has flights from many major cities.
  3. And if you happen to be in the state of Gujarat then you will quickly find buses to Bhuj.

What do you need?

Apart from the necessities that you need for traveling, you need the permission to enter Rann of Kutch. Given that this place is very close to the border of Pakistan, it is marked as sensitive and hence requires permission to go in. You can get this at Bhirandiyara village, a place well known for the sweet of mawa, about 55km from Bhuj. For receiving the permission, you will need to pay 50 rupees for a car and 100 rupees per individual. You also have to provide a copy of your identity card and show the original for endorsement.

To obtain the permission, you need to contact the DSP office in Bhuj. The permission slip has to be shown to the army officers guarding the territory while entering the Rann of Kutch.

Rann of Kutch

With sand that shimmers like silver in the moonlight, Rann of Kutch is a place you must visit when you are in Gujarat for the season. Getting the assistance of tour operators will help you manage your tour and other facilities with ease. Enjoy your stay in the state more peacefully.








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