Effective Ways to Build your Mental Strength


Manoj Kumar Singh



Mental Strength


Almost all the time due to our busy life we ignore our health which results in complications later in our life. However, a new awareness about the physical fitness with the spread of the yoga at the household level is helping people become physically fit, but what about mental strength. Even people in the society are now focusing on their physical fitness as a part of a status symbol, or we can say to stay abreast of the recent trends.

But one aspect of our health that we always neglect is mental health. The important fact that everyone is missing is that if your mind is not strong enough no matter how healthy your body is, you will find it challenging to sustain stress and deliver constant productivity in your life and work.

Here are five effective ways to build your mental strength :

  1. Having A Right Diet- As the body requires right diet to provide proper nutrition to different organs and muscles to keep them fit, similarly our mind also requires the right food which boosts its activity. It not about only the vegetables or fruits to eat but about the positive thoughts that your brain needs to strengthen it. Your diet in mind must include both the kinds of food which can provide right kind of nourishment to it. Some of the foods that boost your mind are blueberries, olive oil, coconut oil, walnut, turmeric, asparagus, etc.
  2. Practice affirmations The real power of the mind is realized when it knows its real potential. A daily practice of the positive affirmations helps build the positive mindset early in the morning which flows throughout the day. Practicing positive statements help achieve emotional stability which is an essential component of a peaceful life in this modern lifestyle. These comments give you a clear picture to think and understand problems without getting deterred by their degree of complications.
  3. Self-validation In this world no two people are alike, and even their problems are different from each other. So it is very wrong for us to compare and dwell on it. In fact, one is always better of evaluating self and sorting one’s strengths along with the weaknesses. Just remember one thing we are not born to please others as it is the most challenging task to satisfy all. Keep evaluating self and work on your weaknesses to eliminate them through constant building up of your strengths.
  4. Set Up A Goal For Your Self Everyone of us has witnessed mind wandering when it has nothing substantial to ponder upon or work on. Give your brain a purpose to be engaged in constructive work by setting up a goal for yourself. These goals can be set for a day, week, month or an entire year. With a goal in mind, you can focus your energy on a better direction building up your mental strength step by step when you reach closer your goal.
  5. Push Your limits Many times we give up on work because we think we lack that strength or resources to achieve the target. Our mindset gets limited by this and reduces the mental power to believe at times of stressed conditions to take decisions. The best way to train your mind and strengthen it is to expand your limits. By giving self-constant practical challenges like if you are a businessman and you know you can quickly achieve a target of 50 lakhs in a year, then set a goal of 60 lakhs and push yourself out of that comfort zone to make it. There is no harm if you can’t reach it, but in the end, you will be a level upper than what you had initially set for self.


Most of us find it challenging to keep our body and mind in sync with each other. And the brain because of this becomes less resilient towards challenges in life, which also weakens the body in due course of time. The pure mindfulness and practice of brain strengthening help one to achieve the lot more than what he or she might have made without it. Focus on your mental health too, and in case you need someone’s help never feel hesitant to ask for help from someone who genuinely cares for you will understand your problem and help you solve it.





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  1. I do accept as true with all of the ideas you have offered for your post. They are very convincing and can certainly work. Still, the posts are too brief for novices. Could you please prolong them a little from next time? Thank you for the post.


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