Kerala Calling!!! Will you extend a helping Hand??

Rakshabandhan is nearing; soon there will be chaos around the house with the sweet brother-sister fights. There will be celebrations going all around the corner. The aroma of delicious food will be all around the house. Rangolis, decorations, our relatives, and family with us and on top of that lovely food to eat, Isn’t it all seems to be the picture perfect scenario? But this year, unfortunately, Kerala will not be witnessing this picture perfect moment.

We all know what has happened to them. When I was in school we used to take a pledge….. I don’t remember it as it is but there is this one line that triggers me all the time, “All Indians are my Brothers and Sisters.”  So I urge all my brothers and sisters not only in India but all over the world to come forward and help Kerala to rebuild itself.

Help Kerala

Rakshabandhan means a bond where brother promises to help and protect his Sister whenever she is any danger or crisis. If you look back in the history you will find Rakshabandhan has some great stories for us…

Like this story of Rani Karnavati (queen and official of Mewar, Rajasthan) and Emperor Humayun.

After the Death of her husband King Rana Sanga, she ruled the state in the name of her elder son Vikramjeet, who was a minor. It was the time when Delhi’s thrown was conquered by Babar and Bahadur Shah of Gujarat attacked Mewar for the second time. Rani Karnavati sent her son away from Mewar with one of her loyal maids. She also sent a message and a holy thread to Humayun (who was the son of Babar). Humayun was on his way towards Bengal with his troops but as soon as he received this Rakhi he immediately rushed to help Rani Karnavati and saved her from this crisis.

Help Kerala The story above is just to tell you that it was the time when there was no Internet, no social media… nothing at all still Humayun helped Karnavati. Today we have it all; we can see in the news how floods have destroyed this beautiful land. We are able to immediately help them through various means. So let’s stand up together and let them also know that they are not alone in this tragic time.

India is our motherland and it’s time to show that our motherland may be divided by states, culture or language but we are together at heart and we run to help each other at the time of crises. Today the God’s Own Country (Kerala) is looking at us with needy eyes… can we extend our hand of help to make them build again? Yes, of course, we can!! extend our help to them in many ways and then definitely they will be able to create Kerala again as God’s own Country. You can make a difference and bring a smile to many faces….

How Can You Make the Donations?

I have done my bit by contributing some amount to the chief minister’s fund and will be donating through goonj foundation also. Friends let me make it clear this article is only trying to urge you all also to make your donations as you’re your wish and capacity. You can click on the following links and make the payments.  The link of the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund  and if you want to donate things then you can visit

Help Kerala
My Donation Certificate! You will get one too when you donate through the site that is stated above.


On this Rakshabandhan let’s tell the people of Kerala that they are not alone there we all are by their side to protect them and help them to rebuild themselves. Today I will not ask you to share this blog but I will definitely ask you to spread these donation links, go ahead through maximum shares so that more and more people are aware and can help.

Remember, Together We can Rebuild Kerala and call it Gods Own Country once again!!





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