This father’s Day Call Out for Healthy Life

This father’s Day lets make all the fathers committed to a healthy lifestyle. The Bachelor life is the best stage of life for any man. One has no worries to be tensed about except the job and career. Enjoying with the friends late night without having to worry about anyone asking the reason for being late.

Well if someone says this to you or you believe this for a long time, then you don’t know the exact best stage of a man’s life. The best part of man’s life is when he finds that soul partner making his life beautiful and together they start a new journey. And in this journey, he attains a promotion in the form of fatherhood.

Yes, as being a mother fulfills a woman; being a father is equally fulfilling for a man.

After becoming the father, freedom of late nights is curbed or living free life takes a back seat. But this is a myth. It is the happiest part of any man’s life. You have a little responsibility on you should which in many cases people who treat it as stress reason find it difficult to manage. This mismanagement causes some serious health-related issues along with other problems.

So on this father’s day, we have brought few tips for a holistic healthy living for the men who are already fathers, waiting in line to be a father in few months time and for all those who will be fathers in the near future. It covers all the levels of body, mind and spiritual health, they are:

  • Father’s Remember, It All Starts In The Mind

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    Our male dominant society always propagates that male are the breadwinners and they have to take complete care of their family. In part, it is good as one gets to understand that starting a family is a responsibility and man can become mentally prepared. Mental preparation is very important when you plan to start a family. Sometimes men tend to have panic attacks when it comes to being ready for extra responsibility with cold feet. The best way is to sit with your spouse and discuss the responsibilities. In fact now a day both husband and wife work so money management should never be an issue, just a better understanding is needed. When you are mentally prepared you are a lot more relax and health is also directly linked to a better frame of mental state.
  • Let The Body Tone Up


    Body toning process is about total internal detoxification and building up the strength into the muscles along with joints. When you detoxify you remove the extra unwanted substances present in your body which slowly decrease your stamina to handle the workload. Building physical strength decreases the chances of development of any age-related problems like backaches or knee joint trouble. All you need is a right mindset and discipline in the routine of your exercise which can be walking, cycling, swimming or jogging. Physical fitness is not always about going to the gym and lifting heavy weights but simple exercises also help tone up your body and keep it in shape.

Food is always the most crucial part of staying healthy. Various studies across different parts of the world have one thing in common that healthy eating habits and healthy food in the diet ensures a longer lifespan. Also, it boasts one immune system which protects the body internally from the attack of any disease-causing organism. Free radicals in the body if excess lead to disease like cancer. High cholesterol diet leads to higher risks of cardiovascular diseases. Eating fruits, raw vegetables, dry fruits, and sprouting are good for health. Try and include them in your diet on the daily basis, with changes.

  • Routine Health Checkups Are a Good Idea

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    Rising pollution, mental stress, and adulteration in the food raise the health concerns. The best idea is prevention which is done by developing a disciplined lifestyle. Another way to keep track that you are on the right path to great health is through regular health checkups. In present times combine health insurance policy for the family are available in the market and even the government is promoting it.
  • Take Time To Groom Your Self

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    This is a great way to build your self-confidence too. Shopping or wearing good clothes are not a therapy only for women but are equally beneficial for men too. For some time you will not be worrying but will be focusing on beauty and positive sides of things. Studies show a confident person is better able to handle any stress condition and take a right decision. Many times men after becoming father stop their grooming and also many women sacrifice this due to family believes or compromise. This leads to a poor mental state with a decrease in the buoyant mindset.
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  • Outing With The Family Is Must

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    A quality gets together time spending with family is great for building a bond and also for the upbeat mindset. Spend weekends together with the family playing with the children, helps decrease the stress accumulated over the week. In fact, many parents report that just seeing a smiling face of their child helps them relax. Just a few years back summer holidays were the holidays in the villages. This is the time when a complete family with all the generation will meet and get to know each other. It is now losing its sheen in modern times.
  • Develop Your Stress Management Plan

    Happy Father's Day
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    In present times stress is inevitable in our lives. You cannot cut it away. However, there are many means to reduce them. Frequently men suffer in silence the stress they face in their life both at the office and home. They fill reluctant to speak out due to social myths about mental strength. The best way to keep the mental stress at bay is to speak to friends, family members and to a spouse for married.


Conclusion: Father’s find it very difficult to showcase their love towards their children except among few people. Children also feel more closeness and are open to their mother. This is not because the father doesn’t care but he is protective of the family. In a family, both father and mother play their own roles without which a family will never be a family. One should not wait for any occasion to show their gratitude towards what they are doing. For all the fathers out their stay fit as your family looks up to you to show them the right way.


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