Depression can be conquered by boosting Mental Health

Evolving technology and way of living is resulting into more fragility at the mental state of people. There is very little interaction among people at the emotional levels. Most of the time it’s only superficial even when talk at the family level. This demands better communication skills both at personal and professional levels. These days emotional detachment is causing higher numbers of anxiety and depression among people.

Depression is identified by common symptoms like persistent low mood, feeling of sadness and loss in interest. World Health Organisation has set some comprehensive mental health action plan to help combat the increasing cases of mental ailment and other issues of psychology.

Each one of us is prone to depression at low to higher level in our life at some stage. However, by improving our mental toughness we can easily handle the situations in life without falling prey to depression. This is beneficial even if someone is already suffering from it.

Here are few tips to beat depression by improving mental toughness:

  1. Learn To Talk About It-

    One can easily fight the mental challenges like anxiety and depression by small routine exercise of learning to talk. It is a great releasing exercise for things that disturb your mental peace. It also makes you mentally tough as you gather courage to share your problems. You can start a small exercise with your near ones and slowly build on it. You will be amazed to see how light you feel and how many more people you help.

  2. Building Your Resilience-

    Mental resilience is very important for a person to bounce back from any social disadvantages or highly adverse conditions. A strong resilient person knows how to adapt to the situations and avoids any bad situation. An understanding that it is not possible to please all, perform all tasks or know everything, helps develop firm affirmation of life. By continuously updating self helps give a better mental resilience and a positive outlook towards life.

  3. Develop A Positive Belief In Your Own Abilities-

    Self assertiveness is very crucial in building self belief. An assertive person trusts his abilities and respect others abilities. A positive belief in owns abilities is to understand capabilities and their level of application. A clear understanding also opens one to upgrading self giving more liking in the society and a happy mind set.

  4. Fix A Routine And Stick To It-

    Psychiatrists always suggest that having a routine is very good habit because this you way you ensure that your brain doesn’t find any time to think negative. In fact when you have a routine you plan better right from your time, work to your life. A well planned life with little bit of twists is stress free living. It also ensures continuous growth at both personal and professional levels.

  5. Letting Go To Let In

    Meditation has many benefits. During meditation a simple thought that I am letting go of my worries and past problems, you simply open up the gates for the happiness to come into your life. A happy mental state gives better perspective to handle the problems in life. All the mentally tough people know that clinging on the worries and past problems will rot their lives. Letting go helps in mental preparation to handle any situation at hand. And letting in allows more positive to come into the life.

  6. Make Time For Nature-

    Humans have an inbuilt mechanism to automatically connecting with the nature. Modern cities have fewer trees and natural sites. It is disturbing the balance of our mind and body. Due to this Japan encourages their people to spend at least one day with the family in the parks, gardens or any natural outing. A dose of fresh air reduces anxiety and works as tonic for mental toughness.

Depression is among the universal mental illness which affects almost every one. People are becoming more aware about it. But there are many other mental health issues which need to be attended. This requires a comprehensive mental health monitoring program from the governments across the globe. Even the private organizations need to contribute into early identification of symptoms related to it. Mass awareness and training into self evaluation of the mental state will help in early identification of any mental problem. Thus, a comprehensive mental health system which is continuously creating awareness among the masses will help reduce the problems associated with mental health.

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    • @Thanks Shirish! Today’s Life Each One Of Us Should Build Our Mental Toughness Such That We Can Manage All the Situations No Matter What.


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