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I never knew gardening could also be so much exciting until I did it on my own. Like I got gardening in legacy, and my maternal grandmothers, as well as my mother, use to do it as a hobby, but I never showed interest in that. A lovely memory of my childhood is that my grandmother would tell my sister and me that who so ever will water the plants will be getting the flowers and fruits. Today I can understand she was teaching us that to enjoy the fruits you need to put some hard work into it.

Many people feel that gardening is a wearisome and time taking job. It is, but when you start seeing the nature’s miracle you will fall in love with this, and this wonder will engage you to invest more time in gardening with a different perspective towards it.

Now, the question arises from where can you get the plants? Whether to buy it from any nursery and then how to take care of it? The answer is that the choice is yours; if you go to any nursery then do not buy too many expensive plants. But if initially, you want to do gardening at zero budget then it is also possible.

We all buy fruits and vegetables from the market, and we throw the seeds in the dustbin. Have you ever thought that the seeds of these veggies could be beneficial to you? Many people say that we stay in flat so we do not have any land to grow plants, not to worry as these plants can grow at the terrace in pots, so let’s make a beautiful terrace garden.

Consider these plants to start gardening:

  • Lemon Plant: Lemons are the rich source of vitamin C along with that they work as taste enricher. Lemon has a lot of seeds which can easily grow in pots. Initially, you need to plant the seeds in small containers, keep changing the pots as the plant grows. The lemon plant is a slow grower so have the patience to get the fruits.
  • Green Chilies: There are more than over fifty varieties of chilies in the world. Many Indian households use chilly in a reasonable amount. This plant doesn’t demand too much special care just sow the seeds and let nature do its work.
  • Tomatoes: Nature has given us many beautiful things, and tomato is one of them. It feels lovely to see this rapid growing plant that blooms the flower and that turns into fruit. When this fruit ripens then, the deadly color combination of green and red is very soothing to eyes. Primarily this plant looks like a weed but does not get confused to throw it, just wait for it to grow.
  • Carrots: We all love to eat the carrot, and its pudding is a relishing dish. So how much happy you would be if you have your homegrown carrots to make your dessert, or even to eat it raw. When you cut the carrot soak the upper part in water for 2-3 days, you will find its shoot and roots coming out. You can shift it in the pot after that.
  • Spring Onions: Next time when you buy spring onions. Keep some onion bulb to sow in the pot. And you can get an instant supply of spring onion for the dishes that you want to prepare.

You will have to take care of these plants. Give them proper sunlight so that they grow healthy. Water them according to the climate as overwatering can damage your plant, so as low watering also. Once you start with these, you will get addicted towards it and the pleasure of growing and eating your veggies is something different.


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