Bucket List Review: “Madhuri Dixit’s Marathi Movie is A must watch”

Firstly this is not literally a movie review. This morning was pretty much like any other mornings of mine. It was a Sunday morning and we had a movie plan, the tickets were already booked for the morning show (as the theatre is less crowded).  Like any other normal movie I went to watch this Marathi movie “Bucket List” starring Madhuri Dixit Nene and Sumeet Raghavan, but to my surprise, I realized as the movie ended I had a lot to carry with me back home, with the smile on lips and tears in eyes.

Now for all those who don’t know what a bucket List is, hold on…. I am here to tell you that. The bucket list is a list or set of goals that you want to accomplish in your life, that list is your identity.  We dream of many things to do in our lives. We set goals but everything is in the mind. Bucket List gives you a chance to write your goals and visualize it So that they come into reality. Many successful people have a bucket list. A bucket list can comprise of any of your wishes, it can be scuba diving, a tattoo or maybe kissing your partner in Paris under Eiffel tower, or becoming the C.E.O of any multinational company. Figure out today and write it down. Make your own bucket list and accomplish it.

This movie brought in so much meaning in my life and will definitely bring change too. I could not resist sharing my learning’s with you all. The film starts with the scene of operation theatre where a major heart transplant is going to take place. Madhura, (Madhuri Dixit Nene’s name in the movie), she is a perfect homemaker I am saying “Perfect” because you will get to see in one of the scenes that she cooks the same vegetable differently for every member of the house. Like a good daughter-in-law, she takes care of her in-laws. She is a caring mother and a loving wife. Everything is going good but one incident changes her life. She gets a meaning, a purpose for her life. I will not reveal the plot and summary here as I would like you to watch this movie in theatres.

So five things that I am taking back home from Madhura With me are:

Bucket list Movie Review

  • Gratitude:

    Till now I have heard and read a lot about gratitude. It is must in life being grateful for every moment is not easy but one should practice it. I saw it here on screen after a heart transplant she is eager to know about her donor and finds out who is her organ donor, she meets the donor’s family. She tries to know more about the donor and she decides to complete her bucket list as a gesture of gratitude towards the donor for lending her the heart.

  • Non-Judgmental:

    After knowing her donor’s bucket list she is not judgmental about it. Like she is 41 and the donor age was 20, just double her age. She can very easily deny the bucket list and go ahead thinking that what if she goes to complete this list what impact will she have on her own kids. So it becomes very important for us to be non-judgmental to live a tension free life.Bucket List Movie Review

  • Caring:

    When you watch the movie, you will see that Madhura even being on the operation table requests the doctor to give a note to her husband. The note is actually about the set of instructions for her beloved family. Here she would have easily given her wishes but she did not. So taking utmost care of your family and loved ones are important and the only thing for her.

  • Self-Realization:

    Yes this is also a quality according to me. As for how many of us realize our own worth and dare to speak about it or do what we actually want to do in life? There is a dialogue where one of the donor’s friends tells Madhura that, “After 21, a girl becomes a lady. And it becomes mandatory for her to behave well, be responsible etc… So making a bucket list and completing it means you have enjoyed your life and are ready to take up life’s challenges”. This was the organ donor’s philosophy.

  • Liveliness and Patience:

    Madhura is full of life. She tends to spread happiness around by trying to keep everyone happy. At the same time she is ready to learn new things like a bike that too Harley Davidson, she has the patience to handle every situation calmly. She is not there to compete with anyone but she is trying to discover herself with new enthusiasm. As she has very well understood the importance of life and she also realizes that she is lucky enough to get a second chance that many won’t get.

Women are just like water. We fit in every role that is given to us. We take responsibilities with a smile and slowly we lose ourselves towards the responsibilities of our family, husband, and kids. I don’t say there is anything wrong in this but it is also important to be you. So ladies now make it a habit to take out some “Me Time” for you.

A must watch movie that tells you the importance of organ donation. It will make you realize that you will not only help somebody by donating your organs after death but someone else will have a few years of life. Or If I put this up in different words then just by donating an organ you can give somebody a second chance to live their life.  No doubt Madhuri has been flawless with her acting. In fact, not only Madhuri but the entire cast has done a commendable job.


So hurry up Book your Tickets now!!!

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  1. Very well written… All you mentioned is very correct “Women are like water they fit everywhere”. but it is also important to be “YOU”

  2. Love this! I’ve recently begun the Miracle Morning and have really been focusing on gratitude! I have a vision board and journal but haven’t revisited my bucket list in awhile. Looks like it’s time to pull it out!


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