What can green tea do for your health?

The popularity of green tea as a beverage has significantly grown nowadays, with scores of researchers unraveling its miraculous benefits to our health. To the uninitiated, green tea is brewed from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, a plant which is originally from the eastern part of Asia. Even though people have been sipping green tea for ages now, it is gaining popularity only now due to the number of studies which have repeatedly proven the health benefits it offers. It is widely believed in the scientific community that the catechins are what make the green tea so unique. Polyphenols happen to exist in abundance in green tea. Among these plant compounds is epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which is highly potent catechin. Presence of this is the main reason that green tea can help people suffering from so many ailments.  Be sure to include it in your diet to experience these benefits first hand.

  • Green tea is re-energizing

    Drinking a cup of green tea when you are feeling lethargic can help you get back to your energetic self in no time, thanks to its caffeine content. In comparison to coffee, green tea has way less caffeine in it. So you can chug cups of green tea at reasonably spaced intervals without worrying about overconsumption of caffeine. This way you can steer clear of insomnia and anxiety reactions.

  • Green tea may help you in weight loss

    Green tea is rich in plant-based compounds which are known for bestowing positive health effects. These compounds may assist you in your pursuit to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. A study working on this angle found that people consuming green tea rich in catechin lost weight considerably. Additionally, it was found that post considerable weight loss, people who consumed green tea regularly were more likely to maintain a healthy weight than those who did not.

  • Green tea strengthens bones

    Polyphenols together with alphacalcidol which is a variant of vitamin D can enhance bone strength as per a study on mice. The combination supposedly heals bone impairments caused due to lipopolysaccharides (LPS), which translates into lower chances of osteoporosis.

  • Green tea can reverse the signs of aging

    Green tea is capable of working its magic on your skin as well. Beauticians usually rely on the power of green tea derivatives to mitigate redness and swelling. One such example involves treating skin with a systematic plan which comprises of green tea cream and its additives to enhance skin laxity. This enables you to enjoy younger looking skin despite your age.

  • Green tea lowers possibility of stroke

    Consumption of green tea or coffee regularly is linked with lower chances of stroke. As per a study mentioned in ‘The Journal of the American Heart Association’.  According to the author, the study is the first of its kind, to evaluate the link between green tea and coffee with the possibility of occurrence of stroke. Including green tea in your diet can go a long way in keeping stroke away from you.

  • Green tea enhances memory

    A study mentioned in the Psychopharmacology journal has shown that consumption of green tea could aid in the improvement of the intellectual functions of the brain. The authors of the study proposed that consumption of green tea may help in the curing of cognitive deteriorations associated with disorders such as dementia.