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Celebrating Essence is meant for those who try to memorialize every single moment of their life. This blog is intended to all those who have the zest to indulge in reading and learning the pristine related to cooking and baking, as well as gardening.

The other two sections are related to health and travel where in you can find health related tips and some information and tips associated to yoga postures. Like, how easily you can go ahead with yoga at home by giving your least time. As it is the need of the hour to stay fit and healthy. Lastly who doesn’t like to ponder about travel destinations before making travel plans?

Why should you be here

If you have immense love for cooking and serving different flavors to your family and friends then you will also like to grow your own veggies and platter them in different ways. Along with that if you are health conscious and a travel freak then this place is just where you meant to be.

We have come up with simple recipes that are equally healthy for you. Again your love for cakes and pastries is not hidden from us, but the saddening part is that many of us take baking as the most difficult task for ourselves. Now from here on you will have no fear for baking. “Bake Fearless” with our cakes & bakes section. (Coming soon with some more easy and exciting recipes just for you!!)

And that we are aware that how much you care about your health so we have launched the yoga series just to extend our helping hand in keeping you hale and hearty.

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As being from India me and my guest bloggers are making sure that our readers (YOU) get to know about the travel beauty of India from it’s every corner. We all love being close to mother nature but the odds of having no plants at home is the myth – “That plants take too much care” , Plants do need our care and attention, but not too much. You would be aware that too much love and care is also dangerous.

So breaking this myth we are on the upfront to tell all our lovely and beautiful readers that having a terrace garden is as simple as plucking flowers from somebody else’s garden. Only a bit care is required. I can assure that once you start gardening you will not stop with just one or two plant at your home.

My Story


I got married while completing my degree it was an arranged marriage and shifted to the new city leaving my hometown behind. This biggest challenge was cooking, so I used to be on continuous calls with my mother or it was Google who helped me, and while doing that I was equally health conscious. As far as my hobbies were concerned I discovered that I liked gardening so started out with that in my balcony. As newly married we had time to travel on weekends at nearby destinations, we still do that and its super fun. After completing my degree I started as a primary school teacher, then a soft skill trainer and lastly an HR recruiter. Then I was “mom to be” so I left my job and my husband encouraged me to take up freelancing so that I am busy and there is no break in my career. While doing this I met some frauds who took the work from me but did not pay me. This became the turning point in my life I decided that why should I write for others I will write for my self. So I came up with these four niches that interest everyone.

I am a continuous learner and that hunger to learn new things has brought me here. I love experimenting with new things in life and get the most out of it. If you are the same then join me in my beautiful journey to celebrate life.

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